Who am I?

I’m Alexia, she’s Mercy.

Well, I wear many hats…teacher, wife, mother (to my cats), sister, daughter, breadwinner, cook, cleaner, and most recently caregiver.  Though, If i’m honest with myself, I’ve always been a caregiver.  It’s just now I have a more definitive caregiver role.  My partner tried to die on me earlier this year…not on purpose, but none the less, I almost lost her.

I spent about 3 months at her bedside.  One straight month in the ICU and then the nect two months in and out of hospital and nursing home.  I’m oversimplifying my story right now, but the whole story will eventually come out.  It’s obvious that I am new to blogging and I’m really using this as a form of therapy…free therapy, so I’ll probably get what I pay for…

My life has changed dramatically this year.  I was a confirmed workaholic, trying to work my way out of a financial disaster.  Never should’ve bought a house, that was my first mistake.

I really don’t want to just whine here, but these first few entries will need a side of cheese.

Right now I just want a vacation from responsibility.  I’ve worked since I was 16 and only had one month in that time withut a job, and the majority of the time I had multiple jobs.  The last ten years I’ve juggled 2 to 4 jobs at a time and worked 50 to 60 hours per week that whoe time.  I pay the bills (not always perfectly on time, but close), clean (most of the time), cook (I tried to at least once a week), yard work (who am I kidding, I think I did that about 30 times in the 10 years we lived in the house),…

My ‘friends’ glorify me as a saint, who selflessly takes care of her partner to her own detriment.  When in reality I’m pretty lazy.  It’s just that my lazyness is surrounded by lots of work and activity.  I am no saint, but my friends just see this ‘perfect’ side.  They think of Mercy as a selfish, lazy, gold-digger, but no matter what I say, they never ‘get’ our relationship….but they sure can judge.

More later…going to bed


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