Life Goes on

So I haven’t written in a little while.  My schedule has been hectic and Mercy keeps me busy on my off time…sort of.

I was just thinking the other day that it’s not that Mercy keeps me hoppping, but because or her ailments I have many things to do.  But when I try to thnk of those things, the list seems sort or not very difficult.  Why don’t I have the energy that I used to have?  Well, maybe because I have morned a lost partner that I didn’t actually lose.  I should be overjoyed and have all the energy in the word…she’s still here.  Not only is she still here, she is getting better.  Mercy doesn’t need a cane anymore, but I still keep an arm out for her to grab onto (which she does more than half the time) every time that she has to step up onto a curb or step.  I still freak out every time that she goes to stand up from a sitting position.  Because every time she tries to stand there is an uneasiness to it….nay a wobbliness.  No way would I recommend that she shower when I am not at home.  Of course it doesn;t help that the tub forr of our shower is 2 or 3 inches higher than the floor of the bathroom….why in the world would they do that.  I do have a rail on the tub and a super strong handicapped bar on the wall outside of the tub…that even I use when I get out of the tub.  I think that the tub is also taller than the average tub, which is good for bathing (if we ever did that).

I really don’t want to use this blog for bitching…not that it matters because I have yet to get a reader.  And any readers that I do get, may run screaming because of my typos and grammer.  But as I always say, “I’m not an English teacher….wrong building.”

Ok tonight, I had a 22oz Dead Guy Ale by Rogue brewery…hit the spot.Image

I know that I really jumped topics there…it wasn’t because of the beer.  I’m trying to be positive and get out of this down in the dumps rut.

So good things….Thanksgivign is Thursday.  Our holidays could never be considered normal.  I grew up as a military brat, so our extended families always considered us outsiders.  Thus we didn’t get together with any of tehm for the holidays.  My mom HATES turkey dinner, which was never a proble for me growing up…it wasn’t weird to me.  I thought that it was great that we didn’t have to have the exact same thing for every holiday.  In fact we got to vote on what we were going to have for holiday dinners.  Maybe it would be enchilladas (not actual enchilladas, we called them that because whoever m mom got the recipe from called them that).  They were more like Italian/French sausage and spinach crepes covered in marinara and shredded cheddar cheese.  When we made these ‘enchilladas’ it was an allday affair.  We made the crepes from scratch.  Filled with filling and rolled.  And since we were going through all this trouble, we made multiple pans of it so we could have one batch now and one or two batches later.  Even though these aren’t actual enchilladas, they are deliscious.   Other times, we might all vote for finger foods (my fav holiday meal).  This was a win-win for everyone cuz we would each choose our fav finger foods: teryaki chicken wings, fondue, variety of cheeses and cured meats, filipino lumpia, shrimp boil, egg salad sandwiches with the crusts cut off and cut into diamond quarters, veggie trays, the list could go on and on.   I think that my mom liked this idea alot, since we would all pitch in for different dishes and she was never stuck with it all.  Other years, we’d have themes: all Italian, Filipino, Chinese, Cajun, etc  Every year we’d add new and different meals to our possible choices depending on any new (for us) food obsesion.

This year Thanksgiving is fend for yourselves.  My Dad is down south for his brother’s funeral, my mom is having dinner with a close quilting friend, my sis and brother-in-law are heading out of town to a fancy hotel, and my brother and his GF’s fam have plans.  So Mercy and me were throwing diff ideas around.  We could head to her family…I’ll do it if I have to, but would rather get a root canal.  Then Merc thought, lets head to a casino and have yummy buffet.  So I started to make a reservation, but then she said, “Let’s just make it a day trip, so we can actually gamble.”  No biggie the casino is about 1.5 hr away, so easy day trip.  Then today, she told me that she really wasn’t up to traveling this week.  No prob, cuz I’m flexible.

So I’m gonna bake a chicken, mash some potatoes, and make some candied yams.  I’ll try and post the recipes and maybe even some pics of the results.

After having these new plans, my old boss from the mall texted and asked if I might want to work midnight madness with her daughter (my friend, Ivy) 12-8…so I said yes.  It’s actually an easy gig and I’ve been missing it a little.  I know…graveyard shift with crazy shoppers?  But this shop is a specialty shop that the real black friday wackos don’t bother to enter.  So basically, Ivy and I will be playing games all night, trying to keep each other awake and getting paid for it.


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