Cold Snap

This weekend has been one of the coldest in my life, that I know of.  I live in a moderate climate….it rains, but usually we don’t have more than a few says out of the year that reach the freezing point.  If it snows, generally it doesn’t stick or it melts within 24 hours.

It started snowing Fri (early) morning, around 1 am.  It stopped snowing around 4pm Fri…7 inches of snow.

If you live anywhere that snows regularly, the rest of this post will piss you off.  Keep in mind that we don’t often get snow and when we do, the temperature is so close to freezing that the snow melts and freezes frequently making the ground an ice rink.  

The college, where I work, closed for the weekend.   The temperature on Friday stayed in the 20’s. By late Sat night/ Sun morning, we dropped to -3 degrees, a temperature that I never wanted to experience. Image Not complaining, since I didn’t actually go outside for it.  I have stayed bundled up inside with the heater keeping the apartment nice and toasty.  Today, Sun, we jumped all the way up to 16 degrees and then tonight/early Mon morning we dropped back down to 3 degrees.  Needless to say the college is closed for Mon also.  You are probably wondering why they would close school.  In our town, no one knows how to drive in cold weather and the county has minimal resources for clearing many roads.  Like I said before, we don’t get this kind of weather often, so we are unlikely to change in our lack of preparedness.  To illustrate the lack of cold weather driving skills, there were 250 traffic calls to 911 on Fri before 2pm.

I am one of the lucky few.  Mercy grew up around snow AND lived in Alaska for a few years.  She has trained me for snowy driving.  So I was able to go to an eye appointment Fri morning in the midst of the snow.  I did fairly well.  Only a slight slip on the second turn of the morning, but didn’t lose control at all.  I left 45 min before my appointment, hoping that the office would be open.  Since my appointment was scheduled for 15 min after they opened, I couldn’t call ahead to make sure my drive wasn’t useless.  Luckily they were open.  There was around 4 in of snow on the ground at that time.  When my appointment was over, there was at least one more inch and many more cars on the road.  I got back in my car to head home.  My second turn caused me to slide…ok, I caused me to slide, but it was on my second turn.  I slid about 6 feet, right into a curb…head on.  Not sure how I ended up head on to the curb, since I didn’t spin.  There was no damage.  My tires just hit the curb and I stopped…I was only going about 5 – 10 mph at the time.  I put the car in reverse, backed out a few feet and then went on my merry way.  Made it home just fine.

On Sat, we realized that we needed to go grocery shopping.  The store is just a block away, but walking is out of the question so we drove.  No issues at all with the drive (either direction).  Where I encountered problems was pushing the shopping cart back to the car when we were done.  Hilarious!  The parking lot was just packed snow, so the cart’s wheels sunk and almost gave up.  I felt like I was trying to compete in an iron man competition.  I kept having to pick up the front end of the cart and get the wheels turned straight.  The normal 1 minute trip to the car, took about 3 min…LOL

I did say earlier that I’m not really complaining about this weather…just shocked.  In fact, I have taken this weekend as an excuse to be lazy.  I have stayed in my pj’s and not gone outside except for the two trips that I have already described.

The bad part about the snow days is that my students lost chances to get more help before the Final and I have to print the Final right before class…oops!


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