Wow, I can’t believe I actually have followers.  I imagined people would end up reading some of my stuff, but not really sticking around for more.

So, thank you for reading and wanting to see more.

I do want to have a disclaimer.  This is my first blog.  The closest that I have gotten to blogging is chronicling Mercy’s life in the hospital and nursing home this year.  And that was just to friends on Facebook.  Please don’t get after me too bad about my grammar and punctuation…I’m a math teacher, not an english teacher.  I do promise to try to get better as I go and am open to suggestions and constructive criticism.

I am also very new to the formating of a blog, so if you have any suggestions for how to make things look better that would be great.  I will probably ask for detailed instructions of how to make those changes.

Ok, so how about telling you how my week is going?

I live in an area that rarely snows (I think that I already told you about that.)  So this week is Final’s week and we have had snow days (Mon and Wed) and a late start (noon on Tues).  This has completely messed up Finals’ scheduling.  I made a completely unprecedented move on my part and gave my students the option of keeping their grade before the Final and opting out of taking the Final.  Some other teachers were doing the same thing and since the snow was sticking around, I figured that this would be the best option rather than taxing our testing centers with 65 students at random times.  All but 10 students took me up on that offer.  We still aren’t sure if we will have school in the morning, so I may have to make the last 10 students take my deal.

What students don’t realise, is that Final’s rarely make or break a student’s grade.  Well, they can break the grade, but greatly improving a grade is rare.  The only way that a Final can drastically raise a grade is if the course grade is just based off of just a few tests and the student has a significant better performance on the Final exam than on any other test.  Most math classes at my school account for 25% of the grade or less, s the most a student can hope for their grade to improve is 2 or 3 percent.  The main reason for this is that students rarely perform better on the FInal than in any other exam in the term.  So basically the best most students can hope for is getting the next step in grades (going from C- to C or B+ to A-).

A few of my holdouts for the Final exam have very little chance of their grade changing at all.  One student has a 73% in the class, so in order to get a C+ in the class she would need to get a 91% on the Final and if she got below a 76% her grade would actually drop.  Of the four test she took during the term, one she got an A on, but the other three were between D’s and C’s.  The odds of her getting a 91% or higher, are really low.  She also was going to have to get time off at her job.  It took me most of today and yesterday with emails to finally convince her that she was better off not taking the Final.  I could not believe how much convincing some students needed.  One didn’t even trust my math….that I always find funny.

I’m not saying that I never make math mistakes, but grades are not complicated math problems for a mathematician.  I also rework my grade estimates for students multiple times, to eliminate mistakes.

I need to go to bed.  It is almost 1 am, but I don’t have to be at the college until about 3 am tomorrow if the college doesn’t get closed due to freezing rain.  I stayed up because I noticed that I now have followers and felt a responsibility to write.

Two goals I have now are blogging at least every three days and working out at least three days per week.

This week so far:

Blogging: Wed night

Working Out: none so far


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