Useless pins

Ok time for a little rant.  I’m addicted to Pinterest and love to find recipes to try out.  I have found some great ideas and a few recipes that I won’t try again.  I have no problem with these mediocre recipes, I’m sure there is someone who would like them.  My issue is pins that link to pictures, but not recipes or directions.

You see a great picture or even step by step pictures, you click on it and get set to a link where  these annoying things happen:

  1. it’s spam or malicious in some way and your browser or Pinterest warns you before you continue.  I actually don’t get pissed off about this. I expect this actually because this is the internet and there are lots of people trying to scam others every second.
  2. all it links to is a picture…ugh, you can’t even tell what the ingredients are let alone directions.
  3. it links to a website that has the same pictures sometimes more pictures, but the only links are to advertisements and there is no recipe, just the name and pictures
  4. it links to the pictures and the link to the recipe is in a really weird and hard to find spot but you may even have to click on a series of links before you ever get to the recipe
  5. it links to the picture on a blog that you them have to find the link that will send you t another blog that this blogger is supporting and you may have to hunt to find the actual recipe

I know that there are good reasons for all of these situations, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating.

I know that situation 2 is probably from inexperienced people who don’t know how to do anything more than upload a picture, but then maybe they could put the recipe in the comments.

Situation 3 is the most frustrating, because it seems to be for purely financial reasons that they even pinned this information.  They have no intention of having a recipe.  They just want people to visit there website, so that maybe they will generate some income just from the clicks.

Situation 4 is annoying, but maybe they are inexperienced in websites.  It still rings with income generating manipulation.

Situation 5 almost seems like the person is trying to do a favor for the blogger who actually posted the recipe to begin with.  I am glad that they are drawing people to the actual originator, but there are ways to do this AND give the recipe.  In fact I have seen it multiple times.

Which leads me to the not annoying situations:

Situation 6 is my favorite method of posting/pinning someone else’s recipe.  Bloggers will post the recipe with multiple citing of the original blogger AND with links to the original.  In this situation, I tend to give careful consideration to BOTH blogs and often start following both of them either on Pinterest or their actual blog.

And of course, situation 7, someone actually pinned the original recipe website.

This same rant goes for pins for hobbies, crafts, home improvement, products, etc.

I try to make sure that my pins are situation 6 and 7.  I’m sure a few fall through, but I am trying to always double check before pinning anything that would require directions.


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