Mercy: My Number One

Mercy is my number one, not just because she’s my partner.

Most people don’t get her and write her off before ever getting to know her.

She’s had a very hard life.  She survived her childhood with an undiagnosed sociopath for a mother.  Yes, I know what it means and do not use the word lightly.  Due to heredity and ‘nurture’, Mercy suffers from PTSD, severe anxiety, and bi-polar disorder.

This year she almost died due to a bowel impaction that poisoned her body and caused multi-organ failure complicated by pneumonia, appendicitis, and a bad gall bladder.  She was in the ICU for almost 2 months and was intubated and on a ventilator for a month.  Mercy had to relearn how to eat, talk, walk, etc.  She has had to have a temporary colostomy this year, but will be getting reattached at the beginning of the year.  Like I’ve said in earlier posts, it’s been a rough year.

Enough about the sad history.  This post is about why Mercy is my number one.

She has the best sense of humor of anyone that I know.  Most people miss it because she is quiet and her humor is dry…sahara dry.  She is one of those people that if you keep your ears turned her way, you’ll never stop laughing.  Of course she is is sick and twisted too…I like that.

A few months ago, we were hanging with my sis and her husband at their house.  A couple came over for a little while to help with a quick project.  Afterwards, we were all sitting around the table having beers and snacks.  The husband, Mr. Brooks, is a story teller and always the center of attention.  He’s not arrogant or annoying; he just always has something to say.  So he’s telling some story and Mercy makes a crack that only I can hear. I wish I could remember what it was, but it had me snickering and Brooks cocked an ear her direction.  He stopped his story to really catch what Mercy said and just started laughing.  From then on out, every time that Brooks is around, he makes sure that he is within ear shot of Mercy.  He says, “She may not say much, but when she does its hilarious.”  His name is not Mr. Brooks, that’s another Mercy creation.  For some reason, he reminds her of the character Kevin Costner plays in the movie, Mr. Brooks.  So that is what she calls him and he loves it.

It kills me that people don’t pay attention to her, because they are missing out.  My mom is severely hearing impaired and bought a device that she can put a mike on Mercy and it will broadcast it to her hearing aids, so she won’t miss anything.

Another reason that Mercy is my number one, requires a quote from Meet Joe Black.  It is part of a conversation between Joe Black (Brad Pitt) and Quince (Jeffrey Tambor).

Joe Black: …But Allison loves you?

Quince: [Quince nods between stifled sobs]

Joe Black: How do you know?

Quince: Because she knows the worst thing about me and it’s okay.

(Reprinted from IMBD

You see, Mercy knows all the bad stuff about me and still loves me.  Many people see me as a really good person, who doesn’t do anything wrong.  And I’m not saying that I’m a really bad person, but my wings are missing feathers and need cleaning.  I’m no angel, but I have a lot of people in my life who treat me like one.  Mercy knows the devil inside of me and isn’t put off by it.

When it comes down to it, she’s my soul mate.  I felt like she had always been in my life the night I met her.  I almost had to imagine a life without her earlier this year and it made it tough to try and carry on.  Being cliches doesn’t make them any less true.



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