Addicted to my Pj’s

I’ve said before that I am a great procrastinator, to which some may wrongly think that I am lazy.  I have worked 2-3 jobs at the same time for the majority of my adult life.  In fact, the times where I have only had one job, I always feel like something is missing.

My students asked me the other day how many jobs I have had in my life.  I honestly couldn’t answer the question.  I really can’t remember all of them.  So now I’ll try to search my memory warehouse for the facts.

Starting with the present and working backwards (more or less):

  1. math teacher (4 years and counting)
  2. math tutor in a college tutor center (4 years and counting)
  3. assistant manager at a cigar store (18 years)
  4. undergraduate teaching assistant (1 year)
  5. homework grader (2 years)
  6. online tutor (1 year)
  7. question tester for an online math web service (2 years)
  8. cook/bartender (6 months)
  9. cook at a nursing home (6 weeks)
  10. cook at a pizza parlour (1.5 years)
  11. product demonstrator (6 months)
  12. assistant manager at a kids fun center (2 years)
  13. resident assistant in a dorm (1 year)
  14. door monitor in a dorm (1 year)
  15. contact lens manufacturer quality control (1 year)
  16. seamstress in theater costume shop (1 year)
  17. contact lens manufacturer technician (1 year)
  18. dishwasher (1 year)
  19. waitress (1 year)

I think that is all of them.  That is the last 24 years of jobs for me.  If you count up the years at those jobs, you’ll see that I must have over lapped jobs.

Why did I start talking about procrastination?  Well, I’m a little lazy at home.  But wait.  I do the laundry and dishes, take out the trash, cook the food, do the grocery shopping, and do a bit of nurse duties for Mercy.

What don’t I do? Floors, bathrooms,and litter except when I have to.

I know it sounds like I do everything, but I still find time to sit on the couch in my PJ’s playing on my laptop and watching a lot of TV.  In fact I can spend hours on the couch.  This is where I am lazy.  I can lose my whole weekend on the couch accomplishing nothing.  Or so I tell myself. It’s so easy to call myself lazy because I spend time doing nothing.  I don’t give myself credit for the bursts of energy that allow me to get the laundry done.  I do chores in binges.  My house isn’t immaculate, but it is far from dirty.   There are bits of clutter and disorganization, but it’s not disgusting.  Could I do more?  Sure.  But do I have to do more?  Not really.

I need to accept that hanging out in lounge wear doing nothing is a healthy and necessary part of my sanity.


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