The Sound of Silence


Write about silence…

When do I hear feel silence?  Never

Right now I am sitting on my couch.  Mercy is asleep.   Even my cat, Gidget, is asleep on my feet.  Here are the sounds in the background:

  • TV — Moonstruck
  • The refrigerator — I really need to have the management look at it.  I’ve never had a fridge that loud.
  • Some drip inside a pipe — I think it is from the sink of my upstairs neighbor, as it drains down the pipes through my walls.
  • Click, Click, click — typing
  • Purrrrr — Gidget has a loud motor, and just started hiccuping
  • Slam — We only hear the next door neighbor when they come and go.
  • Thump, thump, thump — The Pit Bull upstairs loves to tap his tail on the floor.
  • The whir of the fan on my laptop

Definitely not silence.

My mom pops into my head.  She’s been hearing impaired for my whole life and worn hearing aids since I was 5.  Would she have heard all the same things that I do right now?  The simple answer is no.  She doesn’t here all the background noises that I hear.  And if she was up late with her hearing aids out, she would hear nothing, not even the clicks of the keyboard.

Since Mercy hasn’t been feeling well today, she has been in bed most of the day.  So besides one phone call from my sister, I haven’t talked much today.  This doesn’t mean that I have considered today a silent day.

To me silence is more than not speaking.  I consider silence to be turning everything off and being one with the world/earth.

when I think of the meaning of silence I am reminded of a day in my childhood.

I was probably about 10 or 11.  My siblings and I were spending the week/weekend at my grandmother’s.  If it was daylight and not raining we needed to be outside.  I don’t remember what my brother and sister were doing but I was sitting in the grass.  Part of me remembers it being some sort of project for school.  I was watching the activity in one square yard of the lawn.  I had a notepad and was recording everything that was happening in that tiny ecosystem.  I don’t remember what I saw, just that everything else in the world disappeared except that one square yard.

That was silence and it was beautiful.

This was a Weekly Writing Challenge

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8 responses to “The Sound of Silence

  1. I love your childhood experience/experiment as a definition of silence.
    “To me silence is more than not speaking. I consider silence to be turning everything off and being one with the world/earth.” — well said; I totally agree.

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