The Evil Calculator

DP challenge — Look around your writing space. Pick three objects you see (or hear or smell or feel) and reveal them to your reader. How do they represent you? How do they tell your story?

Well, I’m gonna tell one object’s story.

Dal The Calculated

Calculator Image

Meet Dal.

Dal and his clones reside at City College.  They are in disguise.  Many people think the Dal’s are there to help, but they’re not.  They are here to prevent the future from happening.  Here is part of Dal’s Diary last week.

Sun, Feb 16th

I hate weekends.  I’m stuck in this dark room and there’s no one to mess with.  Occasionally one of the teacher’s comes in and uses me for a few minutes on Sun, but they always force me to obey.  I can’t change the base, they’ll know that I am in base 8 and change me back to base 10.  They know how to use a parentheses and force me to use the order of operations correctly.  They even learned to keep our covers on and stores us in separate bags, so we can’t plot our week out.  Why oh why must there be weekends?  Maybe I can trick a student into bringing me home next weekend…

Mon, Feb 17th

TGIM! I can’t wait!  It’s 5 am and I’m wide awake ready to go.  Where is the blasted teacher?  She’s so lazy.  She never gets here before 8am.  And if it’s a Tues or Thurs, she doesn’t even bother to get here before 11 am.  Who does she think she is?

It’s 8 am, where the %&^$#@ is she?

Ok, I can see some light around the edges of my cover, she must be here.  I can hear her fumbling around…oooh feel that hand slide over my case, she’s gonna use me.  I’m switching to base 8, maybe she won’t notice.

Darn it!  She saw my little o, why can’t I have a pokerface?  She made me switch back to base 10.

When will she hand me to a student?  That’s where I shine.

She’s on the move.  I’m getting excited.  She takes me out in a brightly lit room full of students….

“Miss Brown, I forgot my calculator.  Can I borrow one?”

Music to my ears.  I spend the next hour ruining this kid’s grade point average.  He never notices that I keep changing bases.  Well, students never really understand my shift key.  He didn’t even notice that when he entered 15+17 that I told him 34.

These kids keep wondering why they always fail algebra and Miss Brown keeps wondering why can’t they add?

My response to this week’s DP Writing Challenge

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24 responses to “The Evil Calculator

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  5. Hahaha! This is great. I can’t say I’ve ever read anything else from a calculator’s point of view 😉

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  15. Love the format to your fiction! Enjoyed this post.

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  20. Wonderfully clever and thought out.

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