Feeling Alive

This is for a Happy Post Challenge.

We just past the one year anniversary of Mercy almost dying.  It has been a tough and rewarding year.  We could be having a “Why me?” complex, but instead it makes us feel alive.

We are young (i’m almost forty–less than 10 days away) and there are so many things that we want to do.  We used to make excuses, but now we are making plans.

  • For my fortieth, we’re going out partying with as many friends as we can conjure up.
  • We already have reservations for Independence Day at the coast.
  • We have road trips that we are starting to plan for this year:
    •  Visit waterfalls in Oregon
    • Visit covered bridges in Oregon
    • See the replica of Stone Henge in Eastern Washington along with the Maryhill Museum
    • A week or longer road trip with stops in Reno, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon and staying in campgrounds
  • We need to get our passports, so we can road trip to BC.
  • A two year plan for a wedding — after 16 years, we think it might be permanent 🙂

We used to take road trips at the drop of the hat, since we aren’t tied down with children (not that I think children are a burden, quite the opposite).  We are ready to get back to our spontaneous travel.

Now I just need to get some camping gear and we are set.

Life is far from over and I’m back to acting like a 20 year old with a 40 year old’s level of experience.


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  1. That’s a really wonderful post, I think we live the way we feel, if we feel happy and lively then we live our life happily as well 🙂 Thanks for being part of this challenge and spreading happiness around 🙂 😀

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