Que Sera Sera

Daily Prompt: Que Sera Sera

Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?

Simply answer? Yes.

But wait there were two options, how can I answer yes?

Because I’m a Pisces through and through.  I almost always have at least two answers to the same question.

What do I want for dinner? Sushi!  No.  Steak!  No. Tofu Pad Thai! No!

Except when I have only one answer…like when teaching Math.  Although even then, I may give two different ways of looking at the problem.


I believe that I can make my own choices, but that those choices may be in a plot line that I don’t know about.  So how can I just make one choice?  How will that effect/affect the rest of my life.  (I will never use those words correctly, so I’ll give you the choice of which you’d rather read.)
I guess I really believe that I am in a Choose Your Own Adventure.  I know that the same characters will be in my adventure.  They have always felt a part of my life, even on the first day we met.  We may change some side characters a little.  But when it comes down to it, the choices that I make will have a specific result that some may have already predicted.

It’s hard to come up with examples of life where I know this to be true for me.  Have you ever procrastinated so long on some action for no reason at all and then when you finally completed that action some other benefit resulted that you had not foreseen?

So here’s an example.  Last April, after leaving the hospital and moving to a nursing home to continue rehabilitation, Mercy still wasn’t able to walk.  Due to complicated reasons, Mercy had not been to a general physician in years and it was unclear who should be prescribing her different drugs while she was in the nursing home.  We had not contacted her pain specialist while she was in the hospital, since the narcotics were one of the reasons her body had shut down.  The doctors from the hospital could not prescribe her anything after she left the hospital.  So a week after leaving the hospital no one would sign off on any pain meds.  For some reason, my brain didn’t remind me that Mercy had a pain specialist who would gladly prescribe her meds.  Instead we took an ambulance ride back to the hospital, at the nursing home’s suggestion, so that the hospital would be forced to do something.  We had little head way in the pain department (they gave her a week script), but in the process of the E.R. visit Mercy yawned.  When she yawned, she got a sharp pain below her shoulder-blade.  This was new and the doc was concerned, so Mercy was sent off to the CT scan.  Come to find out she had developed a Pulmonary Embolism, which would not have been found had we called her pain doc for her pain pills.

As I am sitting here, I can think of many more examples, but I don’t need to share them because I’m not trying to change your beliefs.  For me, I have the ability to make choices, but sometimes something higher keeps me from making that choice until the right situation lines up.

So I guess, I make my own destiny with a little help/hinderance from Fate.


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