Why Didn’t I Snore Last Night?

Mercy tells me I snore every night.

Partly that bothers her because she can’t sleep if I’m so loud.  Partly this bothers her out of concern, because with these snores are gasps for breath.

All I hear is, “Honey! You’re snoring!”, yelled loud enough for me to hear through my earplugs in an annoyed voice in the middle of the night.

To which I wake up a little, turn over, clear my throat, blow my nose if needed, readjust my head so my airway is more open, and fall back asleep thinking, “Stuff it up you ***, I’m trying to f-ing sleep!”

I know that it is a serious problem.  I know what snoring and gasping for breath really means and I do want to stay healthy.  I just get tied up in my schedule and forget to go to the doctor about it or tell him about it when I am there.

Well, that changed last week.  I had to see Dr. Mark, because it had been a year since my last appointment and I need to refill my asthma meds.  So I saw him last Wed and told him about my snoring too.  The main hiccup is that since I didn’t get a teaching assignment for next term, my insurance runs out on the 31st.  So I was hoping we could get it all taken care of by the end of the month.  Dr. Mark said that we could at least get the sleep test done with.

So yesterday, they delivered the oxygen sensor to me to wear last night while I sleep.  I went to sleep at a normal hour for me (1 am) and put the sensor on…and couldn’t sleep.  I am the kind of person who generally falls asleep within 5 minutes of laying down…not last night.  To make matters worse, my cat, Midge, didn’t want me to sleep either.

Finally, I fell asleep, but woke up for every little thing.  Poor Mercy couldn’t sleep at all because Midge gave up on waking me up and moved on to Mercy.

I did sleep and only got up once, but my best sleep was between 8:30 am and 10:50 am when I finally got up.  I figured that I should sleep as long as I could, since I didn’t have toe work today and my allergies last week gave me little rest.

When Mercy got up, she said she never heard me snore last night.  UGH!!!  What if the machine says that there is nothing wrong with me?  Will I have to keep doing this test until it gets accurate results?

Now I get to wait to hear what the doctor says!

Oh why oh why didn’t I snore?


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