Errands with Hermione

What do we need to do today, Hermione?

“Well, we have groceries and prescriptions on the list.  Now, since food is one of the five exceptions of Gamps’s Laws…”

Yes, we all know that we will need to go buy food, Hermione.

“But, I can just whip up those prescriptions.  You know that I was the best at potions, except when Harry was stealing his talents from the Half-Blood Prince!”

Well, if you’re gonna magic away some of our list, can we at least take broomsticks to the store.  Let’s have some fun.

“Now you know how I feel about flying, but we could side-by-side disapparate.  I’ve gotten very good at it.  No one’s been splinched in ages.”

How many bags can we bring back with us?

“Silly!  I always bring just one bag.  We don’t need multiple bags, since I used the Undetectable Extension Charm on your shopping bag.”

Oh Hermione, that always makes the other Muggles stare at me.

“Fine!  I’ll bag and they’ll stare at me.  What’s the sense in knowing magic, if you never use it?”

I’m so used to the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy.

“You know they did away with that in 1999.  After Harry defeated Voldemort and J.K. Rowling outed us to the whole world, there really was no reason to keep it so secret.”

It still seems so wrong to be flaunting magic.

“Enough discussion, let’s head to the store!  Grab my hand.”


Hold on!  I always feel ill after I disapparate.  I can’t go into the store until my stomach settles. I’ll meet you in there in a minute.

“I’ll get started then.”

Hermione returns.

Do you still have the time turner?  Is that why you’re back already?

“You do know that Prof. McGonagall gave it to me as a wedding present.  It’s not like I didn’t give it back!’

Well, why did I even come with you, if you were just going to turn back time?

“I wanted you to feel useful!”

Mission accomplished!

“I don’t appreciate the sarcasm!”


Even though we’ve been friends for years, I still want to hit Hermione over the head with a frying pan sometimes.  Too bad she’s gotten almost psychic in her defensive skills.  Every time I pick up a frying pan she yells…

“Expelliarmus! Enough with the frying pans, Alexia!”



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6 responses to “Errands with Hermione

  1. This is fantastically amusing =) Great job!

  2. Haha, that was fun! I had giggles all around, especially at the ending. I often wish that what you wrote happened and all the magic that I read about for years is full throttle in the world now! 😀
    Thank you for participating in the prompt and I am very glad you had fun doing it.

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