Singing the Blues

Daily Prompt: Singing the Blues

We all feel down from time to time. How do you combat the blues? What’s one tip you can share with others that always helps to lift your spirits?

Music is my secret weapon.  I can’t stay caught up in my sadness when I get a little help from my friends.  I usually start by recreating my mood with songs.

Elton John is on of my friends, especially when I’m not sure why I have the blues.  I may start with a Sad Song:

These songs can help to realize what is really bothering you, by putting words to the feelings.

Other times, the blues comes from low points in a relationship.  Maybe you both keep making the same mistakes over and over again, and no one is trying.  Only P!nk will do in these instances:

Maybe I’ve caused my blues with my habits and My Grace is Gone:

Maybe I just need to ignore all the haters, by putting my fingers in my ears and saying, La la la:

Some times my mood comes from missing faith.  Come on kd, give me a Hallelujah:

That song tends to always bring me out.  By the time I’m hitting the climax, my face can’t help but smile.  It may be because there is no longer any oxygen in my head and I am sort of high.  I pity anyone near my car right now, because I am belting this out at the top of my lungs.

Now I cycle through my favorite songs to sing.  Go figure, they tend to have an uplifting theme.  Since my mood is lifting, might as well give it more boost.  Let’s gaze to the heavens like Galileo:

And since every day should be the Best Day of My Life:

Who doesn’t turn a frown upside down with Happy:

Now let’s get ready to party, so here comes P!nk again, raising her glass:

I’m all better now!


How others cope:

  1. by LRose turns into a burrito
  2. Ellie has numerous ways of coping, even drooling over Robert Downey Jr
  3. B.Kaotic gets in the moment
  4. Library de Alexandria uses the blues for the blues
  5. Jody Lynne gives thanks
  6. Perspectives on Life gets punny
  7. Thanks for letting me autograph your cat make choices
  8. A picture is worth a 1000 words knows drinking is not the answer
  9. Losing it explores what to do when blues turns to dispair
  10. 1+1=11 remember’s reading about a dior dress
  11. zaphnathpaaneah uses a poem and photos to sing the blues

  12. Dawn uses baths and music for the blues.  Check out her beautiful photos showing her lifting her spirits.
  13. Destino shares Even Babies Get the Blues
  14. Dysthymiated is a procrastinator but making the bed helps.
  15. Loin de zanziabr clips her nails short (I was thrilled that I didn’t need to translate the page to English to understand it, although the picture did help.)
  16. Lead Us from the Unreal to the Real gets good advice from A Mad Fat Diary
  17. The Flavored Word gets inspiration from The Wiggles and don’t talk about Happy right now, she needs some time to recover.
  18. Meg tends to mask her emotions until she hits emotional overload
  19. djgarcia94 gets happiness from a 40’s song
  20. All Things Cute and Beautiful likes McFly and hot chocolate
  21. chattinatti uses music and sometimes busts a move on the street wearing her headphones
  22. snapshotsofawanderingheart uses distractions
  23. Sim Antics uses literal blue insprirations
  24. meraki geek uses compassion to sooth the blues
  25. Simple Heart Girl uses a little isolation either in the room under the stairs or on her blog


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7 responses to “Singing the Blues

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  2. Love your taste in music and how you utilize various genres to address different levels/types of emotions. Oh, and thank you for including me in your list!

  3. Thanks for the link to my post !
    Elton John would be a fine help to fight the blues, too, especially with Crocodile Rock or I’m still standing, or even with Your song, which brings me a lot of energy. Perhaps because I have many happy memories linked to Elton John !
    I’ve liked Galileo from Indigo girls, I didn’t know them before reading your post.
    Have a nice weekend !

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