The Train that Wouldn’t Pass

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It’s the end of Spring Break and I haven’t been out of the house much.  I’m bad about being active during breaks from school.

“Let’s get out of the apartment.  We need ice and I need to stop at he convenience store” Mercy prods me.

Ok, I’ll be ready in a minute.  What’s it like outside?   Is it raining?

“Not raining right now, the sun’s even out.”

I look in the mirror. Wow!  I showered last night, but my hair is spiked on one side.  A quick rub with a damp washcloth and some leave in conditioner and I look normal again.

Ready!  Let’s go.

I grab my jacket before heading to the door.  We walk out the door.  As I get two steps from the sidewalk, I see big rain drops slowly coming down.

“Shut up!  It wasn’t raining a minute ago!”

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

I didn’t say a word, just put on my jacket and stepped into the rain.

We’ve lived on this side of town for a year, but Mercy still gets lost.  She doesn’t really drive anymore, just to the corner store and the pharmacy a little further down the road.  All destinations within 5 minutes of the apartment.  So on different drives, I try to quiz her a little about what landmarks are in what direction.  You see, I’ve lived in this town for over twenty years, so I really can’t get lost.  One of these lazy days, I’m going to take a drive with Mercy and have her try to find her way different places until she knows her way around more.

We are going to hit the convenience store, then the sub shop, then back to the coffee hut (they have the best ice).  After the convenience store, we head to our favorite local sandwich shop, Big Town Hero.  I take the back way and keep quizzing Mercy along the way.  I turn down the road that BTH is on.  It’s a long road and you have to cross a two train tracks and one expressway before getting to the restaurant.

The first train track is a little rough and I take it a little too fast, jarring Mercy’s neck.


Oh my God, Hun! I am soooo sorry!

Sometimes I forget how messed up her back and neck are.

As we approach the second track about a half mile down the road, I see the red lights and the gate down.

Just our luck.  Oh well, shouldn’t be long….

And then I start cracking up laughing.  The train is about a quarter mile away, crawling along.  I nearly pee my pants, I’m laughing so hard.  I put the car in park and the truck ahead of me turns his truck off.  The guy behind us actually gets out of his car.  I still can’t stop laughing.

Mercy, I think you could actually walk faster than the train.

Still laughing.

“I think I could beat it with my walker.”

We are both laughing really hard.

“It’s almost stopped!”

It is stopped!  Well at least we don’t have a specific time we need to get our sammiches.

A few minutes later the gate lifts and the lights stop flashing.

All you can do is laugh.  I mean if we had needed to go to the hospital or something else urgent, I would’ve taken the freeway.

We go and get our Heros and I pop into Walgreens for some bread…which turns into bread, ice cream, and chocolate.  We head back the way we came.  As we approached the intersection before the train track, the train had almost reached the road.

“I think I can I think I can!”

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…..



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