Dream Crusher or Granter?

Daily Prompt: I Walk the Line



Have you got a code you live by? What are the principles or set of values you actively apply in your life?


This doesn’t completely follow the Daily Prompt and it is a day late, but it does pertain to codes and values.  So I will stray a little from the topic.


Ok, I feel so conflicted.  Last week a friend asked me for a big favor.

She is part of a nonprofit that awards grants to kids for artsy after-school and summer programs.  It’s a pretty cool program and I am glad to help her out.  The help that she needed was an outsider to read about ten applications, review them, and recommend full, partial or no award for each kid.  The kicker was that it need to be done in about 10 days.

I can do this.  I’m a teacher and am used to objectively evaluating students.  No problem…and then I started reading.

How can I not grant each of these kids the grant?   They all have unique situations and deserve the grant in one way or another.  These are not straight A students and are isolated in one way or another, so they deserve this opportunity, but I can’t say full award for everyone.  I also wasn’t given guidelines about how many awards or how much money there is to work with, which does put a little kink in the decisions.

A couple of the kids didn’t seem to put enough into the application…these were also students who had received the grant in the past.  So I didn’t feel too bad saying no award.  I mean, shouldn’t you try harder and show some appreciation if you have had the grant before?  Bt am I putting too much judgement on these kids?  My friend had said that she would be too harsh on the kids if she had to be a reviewer, that she expects more from the kids.  So I guess I shouldn’t feel bad.

A couple of the kids seemed to be making excuses for why they didn’t have a complete application or why they couldn’t pay for the program.  But they’re kids, they are not going to have the same ‘take responsibility for yourself’ attitude that we should expect from adults.

These reviews are some of the hardest things I have ever had to write.  I should’ve thought harder about this before accepting the responsibility.

Am I crushing some kid’s dream?

Since these grants are need based, they have to list different forms of ‘extra’ income besides wages, like child support.  Most had  a $300-$500 per month form of income in this section.  In order to get the grant, they have to be eligible for free/discounted lunch at school.  So one kid that I rejected had $1000/month child support listed in the extra income section.  I realize that child support doesn’t always go directly to that child’s expenses and there are other things to take into consideration when looking at the $ amount of child support.  But really?  There isn’t $300 for a summer art program in that $1000 per month?  This was also the kid who scribbled a handwritten essay that consisted of about 6 sentences basically saying he deserved the award because he like art.  Hos whole application screamed entitlement to me, but how do I say that in my review without sounding like a jerk?

I will have to send the reviews off tomorrow evening, so there is still time to revise my reviews and be more kind or harsh as needed.  What will I decide?


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