She Drives Me Crazy

Daily Prompt: She Drives Me Crazy

It makes me crazy when people wear their shoes in my house. What habit/act drives you crazy? How do you prevent it from happening?

“Why?” — one of my biggest pet peeves

I don’t mind questions.  I don’t even mind someone asking why something is the way it is.

What I hate is when someone uses “Why?” like a toddler.

This happens in class every term.  There is always one student who continues to ask why no matter how many explanations that I give.  A student like this can derail a class for the whole term.  It is a challenge.  A declaration of war.  The start to a rebellion.

It starts generally with a format issue or required method for a particular math topic.  The students see these requirements as just another anal, rigid rule that teachers devise to be mean.  I make it a point to really explain exactly why these formats/methods are important and correct.  Most students appreciate the explanations and never challenge it.  The continual “why?” always comes from the student who wants to do less work.  The problem with less work, especially in lower math classes, is that skipping steps and poor format cause students to also get the wrong answers.

So after I have exhausted my explanations and wasted enough class time, I end with, “Because I said so!”

I hated it when my parents said it, but it definitely ends the conversation.

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9 responses to “She Drives Me Crazy

  1. Hi Alexia, Question: How did you add the list of other blooger’s links ‘More responses’ into your post?

    • Just copy and paste the links fro the bottom of Daily Prompts original post.

      • I did copy and paste but they didn’t work they were not clickable links anymore. Thank you for your reply Alexia, really appreciate.

      • Weird. Well, another way would be to click on each link on the Daily Prompt website and then copy and paste the link from the writer’s page. That’s what I do when I have more time to really peruse the other responses and make more creative links (like on my post Singing the Blues) and then I use the link control in the post editer. I hope that helps.

      • Yeah I was thinking to do one by one and edit the links. But 100 links seems a bit too much to do. I love the way you did it in your Singing the Blues post! That is a lovely way to present other blogger’s posts.

      • It took a long time to do that, so I can only do that when I have a lot of spare time or if I only want to link to about 10 other people. I wanted to be ore thoughtful in my pingbacks and also not fall into the trap of linking to spam. So when I have less time, I just make sure to check that every link goes to non-spammy site and quickly copy and paste.

      • That is very thoughtful and a great tip, very helpful. Thank you Alexia.

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