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Share Your World – Week 12

Share Your World – Week 12

What is your most favorite smell/scent?

I love the smell of home cooked food.  In fact, as I walk through my apartment complex and smell someone cooking, I’d like to stop and knock on their door to find out what they are cooking.  I don’t stop, but maybe I should write a story about someone who does stop every time.  What would the resident say to this strange woman knocking on their door and asking about their food?

Now if we are talking about scents to wear or to smell on others?  I love Egyptian Musk by Garden Botanica and have worn it for 20 years.

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Useless pins

Ok time for a little rant.  I’m addicted to Pinterest and love to find recipes to try out.  I have found some great ideas and a few recipes that I won’t try again.  I have no problem with these mediocre recipes, I’m sure there is someone who would like them.  My issue is pins that link to pictures, but not recipes or directions.

You see a great picture or even step by step pictures, you click on it and get set to a link where  these annoying things happen:

  1. it’s spam or malicious in some way and your browser or Pinterest warns you before you continue.  I actually don’t get pissed off about this. I expect this actually because this is the internet and there are lots of people trying to scam others every second. Continue reading

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Wow, I can’t believe I actually have followers.  I imagined people would end up reading some of my stuff, but not really sticking around for more.

So, thank you for reading and wanting to see more.

I do want to have a disclaimer.  This is my first blog.  The closest that I have gotten to blogging is chronicling Mercy’s life in the hospital and nursing home this year.  And that was just to friends on Facebook.  Please don’t get after me too bad about my grammar and punctuation…I’m a math teacher, not an english teacher.  I do promise to try to get better as I go and am open to suggestions and constructive criticism. Continue reading

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