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Share Your World – Week 12

Share Your World – Week 12

What is your most favorite smell/scent?

I love the smell of home cooked food.  In fact, as I walk through my apartment complex and smell someone cooking, I’d like to stop and knock on their door to find out what they are cooking.  I don’t stop, but maybe I should write a story about someone who does stop every time.  What would the resident say to this strange woman knocking on their door and asking about their food?

Now if we are talking about scents to wear or to smell on others?  I love Egyptian Musk by Garden Botanica and have worn it for 20 years.

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Spreading the Thanks on Thanksgiving

We may not have much, but we still have enough to share.

Mercy had the wonderful idea to share our leftovers with the homeless.  We had a small dinner, just the two of us.  I made chicken thighs, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and candied yams.  After dinner, we packaged up 4 plates of food, and then went for a drive.They could not believe we were helping them.  I think that was because they were 20-something males.  I hear many people judging this demographic of homeless.  After the year that we have had, I know that there are circumstances that can make anyone end up on the streets.  No one deserves to freeze or starve.  Who am I to judge or to pass sentence?

We’ve decided to make this a tradition.  Especially since there are many times when I have thrown away uneaten leftovers.  No one would go hungry, if everyone fed someone else with their leftovers.  It really doesn’t matter if the person you fed didn’t “need” to be fed.

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