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Night Stroll

It finally feels like spring.   The sun was out, making my glasses turn black.  The air was fresh and clean and the pollen wasn’t even bothering me.  The temperature got to 70.  It’s 10 pm, the temperature has dropped to 56, but I feel like a stroll.  Off we go…



No rules. Just stick to the word count — no more, no less than fifty words.


Other Fifty Words:

  1. Resident Alien : Hedge
  2. The Other Palette: Fifty
  3. Margaret Rose is here
  4. zaphnathpaaneah was too late
  5. smoothcreminal secretly smiles
  6. chey no longer sits in silence
  7. Making life an Art eats fries
  8. Speaking voiceless has a secret
  9. Jewel and her mouse
  10. Be lofty and a tip


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Writerly Reflections

In this challenge, tell us how you fell in love with books and writing.

I’m 10 years old and on another dreaded trip to the library.  I’m nervous and annoyed.   Why do I get over-heated every time we go there?  Maybe I’ll wear shorts and a tank-top this time.

“Alexia!  It’s 40 degrees outside! Change into something warmer!  What’s wrong with you?  Go get your library books”, yelled Mom.

“You’re so weird,” says Ivy.

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The Evil Calculator

DP challenge — Look around your writing space. Pick three objects you see (or hear or smell or feel) and reveal them to your reader. How do they represent you? How do they tell your story?

Well, I’m gonna tell one object’s story.

Dal The Calculated

Calculator Image

Meet Dal.

Dal and his clones reside at City College.  They are in disguise.  Many people think the Dal’s are there to help, but they’re not.  They are here to prevent the future from happening.  Here is part of Dal’s Diary last week.

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The Sound of Silence


Write about silence…

When do I hear feel silence?  Never

Right now I am sitting on my couch.  Mercy is asleep.   Even my cat, Gidget, is asleep on my feet.  Here are the sounds in the background:

  • TV — Moonstruck
  • The refrigerator — I really need to have the management look at it.  I’ve never had a fridge that loud. Continue reading


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