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What’s my Rep?

What’s my rep?  My answer is going to sound conceited.  I’m the smart girl and the angel…by people who really don’t know me very well and I hate it.

Smart Girl:

As soon as anyone finds out that I have a degree in math — “Oh my god, you are REALLY smart!  I sucked at math!”  Who decided that the litmus test for intelligence was math?  Now I’m not saying that I’m not smart,  but I also don’t deserve this jaw dropping state of awe.  Do people treat English or History degree holders the same way? Continue reading



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Wow, I can’t believe I actually have followers.  I imagined people would end up reading some of my stuff, but not really sticking around for more.

So, thank you for reading and wanting to see more.

I do want to have a disclaimer.  This is my first blog.  The closest that I have gotten to blogging is chronicling Mercy’s life in the hospital and nursing home this year.  And that was just to friends on Facebook.  Please don’t get after me too bad about my grammar and punctuation…I’m a math teacher, not an english teacher.  I do promise to try to get better as I go and am open to suggestions and constructive criticism. Continue reading

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New Job Opportunity

I wasn’t looking for a new job…one may have found me.  I found out that a full-time position just came available in a company that has advancement capabilities and it is a job that I can really do well  First, let me give you some history.

I was ALWAYS a good student. Some called me a teacher’s pet.  I didn’t agree completely with that nickname, but it mostly fit.  I was the student that no one was ever worried about, they knew that I would always succeed.  Therefore, no one noticed that I had low reading comprehension and no one ever suggested careers that I might be good at or love.  So anytime anyone asked me what I wanted to be, I made it up.  How could I admit that I didn’t know? that I had no dreams?  The only thing that I knew for sure was that I would be a mom. Continue reading

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