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Stay Positive

Stay positive has always been my motto, even when I’ve been gripped by cynicism and sarcasm.  I’ve always tried to keep a forward thinking positive outlook.  I have to.  The present isn’t a bed of roses most of the time.

It’s harder to stay positive when things are moderately shitty, than when they are really shitty.  Like when Mercy was dying in the hospital, I was permanently optimistic.  I refused to get negative.  I knew that my positive outlook and up attitude could be heard/felt by Mercy, even when she was completely unconscious and it was calling to her to get better.  And she did get better.

But now it is hard to stay positive.  Life is great in some respects, Mercy’s health is getting better.  She is still in line to get the surgery to undo the ostomy.  we like our apartment and are keeping it nice.  Mercy has even started throwing pottery again after getting her new wheel last month.  So what could be bad? Continue reading


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Growing Up At Any Age

I LOVE Mercy.  I have always stood with her in all her trials in tribulations for the last 16 years.  Does that mean that I haven’t wanted to strangle her at times?  Of course not!  We have a passionate relationship.

We are not the couple who broadcast our passion.  You know these people.  They have their fights in the grocery store in front of you in line.  Or they invite you over to hang out, only to find out that they really wanted a referee.

We don’t hide our troubles, but we keep them off the headlines.  Close friends know what we fight about, but don;t have to witness the fights…much better for keeping our plea of temporary insanity for when we kill each other.

Okay, we fight.  But we also makeup and we have moments of growth in between fights.  And we both know that the other will be there to ‘bury any bodies without question’ for each other.

Our song is True Love by P!nk:

This song really fits our life.  Mercy knows the good and the bad of me and it’s okay, and vise versa. Continue reading

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Spreading the Thanks on Thanksgiving

We may not have much, but we still have enough to share.

Mercy had the wonderful idea to share our leftovers with the homeless.  We had a small dinner, just the two of us.  I made chicken thighs, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and candied yams.  After dinner, we packaged up 4 plates of food, and then went for a drive.They could not believe we were helping them.  I think that was because they were 20-something males.  I hear many people judging this demographic of homeless.  After the year that we have had, I know that there are circumstances that can make anyone end up on the streets.  No one deserves to freeze or starve.  Who am I to judge or to pass sentence?

We’ve decided to make this a tradition.  Especially since there are many times when I have thrown away uneaten leftovers.  No one would go hungry, if everyone fed someone else with their leftovers.  It really doesn’t matter if the person you fed didn’t “need” to be fed.

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